Leadership Labs FAQ

How far in advance do I need to register for a program?

Class size is limited, so it is important for you to register as far in advance as possible. To register, click here.

Is there a limit on the number of participants from one company in a single program?

In general, we recommend no more than two participants from a company enroll in a program at a certain location. This is done to ensure that participants experience a safe environment within the session, allowing all to openly share, discuss issues related to their development, and feel comfortable that a level of confidentiality will be maintained. If you are interested in a program with participants solely from your organization, contact us to discuss a customized Top Talent program.

What if I’m unable to attend a program in which I’ve already enrolled?

Before a program begins, the ELI Group incurs substantial administrative cost related to your registration. Therefore the following fees apply:

Days Before Program Substitutions Allowed Reschedule Fee Cancellation Fee
More than 45 days Yes (no fee) 25% of tuition 50% of tuition
15 - 45 days Yes (no fee) 50% of tuition 100% of tuition
Less than 14 days No 50% of tuition 100% of tuition

Transfers: Transfer requests must indicate the new date and/or new program the participant wishes to attend. 100% of the full tuition is non-refundable if:

  • The participant does not attend another program within one year of the original program start date.
  • The participant transfers more than two (2) times

What’s included with my tuition?

Tuition covers all program materials, assessment feedback, and coaching sessions. Lodging is not included.