Our Approach

We Do It Differently

At the ELI Group, our clients get the expertise of a larger firm with the personal attention of our principals. We have a proven ability to build rapport and trust quickly within organizations allowing us to quickly engage your senior leaders with leadership guidance focused on desired impact, insight and influence within your company through:

Accountability for Behavior Change

We deliver customized leadership development programs and executive coaching that fosters accountability for behavior change.

  • We create an environment which encourages authentic interaction.
  • We drive dialogue on the application of learning in practical and meaningful ways.

Integration within the Organization

We create and foster authentic relationships with our clients and those we serve within their organization, allowing us to share insights in constructive and impactful ways.

  • We quickly understand organizational systems and how people relate within these systems.
  • We engage in a collaborative dialogue with organizational leaders.
  • We ensure a shared commitment to objectives aligned with the organization outcomes/desired results.

Long-term Commitment

We take pride in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients, and those we serve within their organization.

  • We establish professional networks for continuous development opportunities.
  • We provide opportunities for development that extend throughout leaders’ careers.
  • We support organizational succession planning efforts by establishing a strong leadership pipeline.
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